Ez8 Toy Hauler Fuel Pump Replacement For On The Go Fueling - (EZ8RV)

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EZ8 rv fuel pump 12-volt electric gear pumps.

Notice: This pump is not intended to be used with an automatic nozzle.

An automatic bypass valve prevents pressure build up when the pump is on with the nozzle closed.

To avoid motor damage, do not run the pump more than 5 minutes with the nozzle closed. The rated duty cycle of this pump is 15 minutes ON and 30 minutes OFF.

Allow the EZ8 rv fuel pump to cool for 30 minutes.



This pump is designed for use only with gasoline (up to 15% alcohol blends such as E15), diesel fuel (up to 20% biodiesel blends such as B20) and kerosene.

Do not use this ez8 rv fuel pump for dispensing any fluids other than those for which it was designed. To do so may damage pump components and will void the warranty.

This EZ8 rv fuel pump is designed to operate on a typical 12-volt DC auto­motive electrical system.

The pump is designed to operate with 12-volts DC at the motor leads and the ratings are determined at this voltage. Performance may vary due to length of power cord, battery condition or output from vehicle charging system that will affect system voltage.

Do not leave the ez8 rv fuel pump system running without fluids. "Dry running" can damage the pump. If the system fails to deliver fuel after 15 to 20 seconds, turn the system off and refer to the Troubleshooting Section.

Do not pump the tank completely dry, as contaminants from the bottom of the tank may enter the pump.



Observe all safety precautions concerning safe handling of pe­troleum fuels.

To ensure safe operation, all fuel transfer systems must be properly grounded. Proper grounding means a continuous metal-to-metal contact from one component to the next, including tank, bung, pump, meter, filter, hose and nozzle.

Care should be taken to ensure proper grounding during initial installation and after any service or repair procedures. For your safety, please take a mo­ment to review the warnings in this manual.

To prevent physical injury, observe precautions against fire or explosion when dispensing fuel.

Do not operate the system in the presence of any source of ignition including running or hot engines, lighted cigarettes, or gas or electric heaters. Observe precautions against electrical shock when operating the system.

Serious or fatal shock can result from operating electrical equipment in damp or wet locations.


Inspect external pump wiring regularly to make sure it is correctly attached to the battery. To avoid electrical shock, use extra care when connecting the pump to power.

Avoid prolonged skin contact with petroleum fuels. Use protective goggles, gloves, and aprons in case of splashing or spills. Change saturated clothing and wash skin promptly with soap and water.


Observe precautions against electrical shock when servicing the pump.

Always disconnect power before repairing or servicing.

Never apply electrical power to the system when any of the cover plates are removed.One Year Manufacturer WarrantyPumps are manufactured in current year.All Fuel pumps are nonreturnable.


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